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About Us

HomeoVedic is an online multilingual Homeopathy Treatment platform where users can get expert medical consultation, treatment and doorstep delivery of medicines from highly qualified doctors. We provide multi channels to contact such as posting a health related query or booking a slot for real time face-to-face consultation over video and phone in a private call from the comfort of your home and get medicines delivered at your doorstep. Our Homeopathic physicians, experienced homeopaths treat and follow-up with patients all over the world.

HomeoVedic upholds the highest standards when approving physicians to be a part of the Expert Panel so that the care we provide will always be of the highest quality. The on board physicians are fully licensed from the medical board having more than 10 years of experience in treating varied diseases in the gentlest and most reliable manner.

Homeopathy heals you holistically. It not only cures your disease, but also improves your overall health. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of online homeopathy consultation healthcare and to offer a unique service where patients can receive consultation from best homeopaths of India irrespective of their geographical location. We are adding new doctors by the day.

Privacy of patients is our main concern. Team-HomeoVedic strictly follows the thumb rule that under no circumstances the identity of HomeoVedic’s users is revealed.

HomeoVedic also carry a large selection of homeopathic products being sold by multiple authorized suppliers. From the shop section you can buy various health products and OTC homeopathic medicines at amazing prices. Check our FAQ section for homeopathy medicine and dosage guidance.

We are committed to provide online multilingual premier homeopathic treatment, homeopathy medicines  and healthcare services with ultimate convenience, care, compassion and cost effectiveness.

To be recognized as leaders in online homeopathic treatment and healthcare by giving instant  access to expert doctors, medicines and supplements anytime anywhere. Through our tech platform we not only connect the patients with the specialists who speak the same language but also Homeovedic enables doctors to connect with the patients across India. Homeopaths can talk to patients through various channels provided on HomeoVedic and widen their accessibility.

HomeoVedic is committed to provide you best homeopathic treatment and healthcare services. You have the advantage of instant access to expert doctors from all over India, medicines and supplements anytime anywhere.  HomeoVedic gives you ultimate convenience, care, compassion and cost effectiveness from the comfort of your home.

More than 200 disease conditions can be treated effectively with online homeopathic treatment. Full details of the physicians are available on HomeoVedic making it easy for you to see the qualification experience, expertise of a doctor before seeking his/her consultation. A specialized team of homeopathic doctors work to combat various problems. We provide multi channels like phone, video consultation and live chat facilities to help you in a hassle-free way to contact doctors and get medicines delivered at your doorstep. A panel of doctors is always there to solve your queries.

For better diagnosis you can store and upload your medical health records and treatment history, investigation reports, progress photographs securely and confidentially. You can easily access your medical records as and when required. When patient authorizes doctors can also view patient’s medical record to comprehend the case history.

Privacy of patients is our main concern. Team-HomeoVedic strictly follows the thumb rule that under no circumstances the identity of HomeoVedic’s users is revealed.

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We are committed to provide you online premier homeopathic treatment and healthcare service with ultimate convenience, care and compassion. Our services are very cost effective.

Confidentiality Assured

Information of patients is 100% secure and confidential. We respect your privacy and assure you that your It is shared only with your consulting physician.

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Receive regular updates on health and its positive management from the best doctors across India.

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You can contact your doctor for follow up or related queries even on holidays, during your working hours or free time. HomoeoVedic’s dedicated team is always there to solve your queries

“An allopath comes and treats cholera patients and give them his medicines. The Homeopath comes and gives his medicines and cures perhaps more than the allopath does because the Homeopathy does not disturb the patients but allow the nature to deal with them.”

Swami Vivakanand

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer, latest and refined method of treating patient’s economically and non-violently.”

Mahatma Gandhi