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Benefits of Being Part of Homeovedic

The fastest and the most convenient way to build your practice
  • Be a part of the digital revolution happening in healthcare in India.
  • Give online consultation (video call, chat, e-mail) to patients and grow your practice.
  • Answer queries from your patients and provide efficacious digital consultation.
Access to thousands of new patients across the globe
  • Easy patient discovery from across countries.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Through HomeoVedic, You can instantly connect with patients anytime, anywhere.
  • Talk to your patients through various channels and widen your accessibility.
  • Guaranteed and flexible hours of consultation.
Flexible consultation schedule
  • Flexible consultation schedule from the convenience of your home or clinic.
  • Plan your own consultation hours.
  • Options to work anytime of the day.
  • Get the documents from the patients well before virtual consultation
Better patient care
  • HomeoVedic enables doctors to have their own virtual clinic.
  • Doctors can easily search patient history.
  • Billing information and appointment schedules are shown in their login window.
  • Doctors can search and record prescription.
Have more followers
  • On your profile page your experiences, capabilities and achievement will be showcased to masses coming on HomeoVedic.
  • Share your research work and new findings with patients.
No overheads
  • With no major infrastructural requirements, Doctors can now start their practice without worrying about overhead and capital costs.
  • Work from the convenience of your home.
  • No set up costs.
  • Reduced workload of support staff.
Substantial and immediate compensation
  • HomeoVedic removes the ups and downs of medical careers by providing substantial and immediate compensation.
  • Get paid quickly as Money is directly deposited to your bank account.
  • Constant access to patients guarantees steady revenue streams.
  • Increased revenue as with HomeoVedic you can reach out to patients across geographic boundaries.
No charges to come online with HV
  • Homeovedic provides digital platform for Homeopathic Doctors to build online practice.
  • HomeoVedic is passionate about bringing homeopathy close to mainstream medicine.
  • We are helping Homeopathy Doctors deliver better patient care. We empower Homeopathy Doctors with critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients.
Be among the best homeopaths of India. Don’t miss the golden opportunity of becoming the panel doctor of HomeoVedic. Fill the entries above and start your own online practice with us. For more details send us your inquires.

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