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Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infections

The homeopathic system of medicine offers complete recovery from ear infections and ear pain. Homeopathic medicines for ear infection are natural medicines. They work by boosting the natural defence mechanism of the body to fight with the infection process. Homeopathic medicines also provide immunity against contracting ear infection in the future. They can effectively manage the pain, discharge from the ear and also the fever accompanying the ear infection. They also provide a shield in preventing complications resulting from ear infection, including hearing loss, ear drum perforation and mastoiditis. consult homeopathic doctors free

The ear isn’t just the hearing organ. It is a complex system of parts that not only allows humans to hear, but also makes it possible for humans to walk.

  • Hearing: The eardrum vibrates when sound waves enter the ear canal. Ossicles, three tiny bones (including the stapes, the smallest bone in the body), pass vibrations to the oval window, which is a membrane at the entrance to the inner ear.
  • Balance: Balance is achieved through a combination of the sensory organ in the inner ear, visual input, and information received from receptors in the body, especially around joints. The information processed in the cerebellum and cerebral cortex of the brain allows the body to cope with changes in speed and the direction of the head.
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Different types of ear infections are :

Ear infections can affect the outer ear or middle ear. They can be caused from viral, bacteria or fungal agents. The outer ear infection is medically termed as otitis externa. One can contract outer ear infection from swimming in polluted water or from damaging the skin in the outer ear by putting objects in the ear like a key, ear buds or pen. The middle ear infection is termed as otitis media. The middle ear infection is basically secondary to some nose or throat infection. Cold, throat infections usually trap the middle ear in the infectious process. The infection from the throat travels to the middle ear through the Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes are the channel that connects the throat to the middle ear.

Advantages of homeopathic treatment for ear infections

The biggest advantage that homeopathic medicines for ear infections promise over conventional cures is that they work through a holistic approach to healing and treat not only the symptoms but also the root cause of the are infection. Homeopathy medicine for ear pain are very effective.

Following are some ear diseases

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