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Homeopathy and Nano-Science

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Homeopathy and Nano-Science

The million dollar question that frequently raised by conventional therapists is that HOW HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES ACTS as they contain no active ingredients and therapeutic effect. This was the scene till 2010 when Prashant Satish Chikramane, Akkihebbal K Suresh, Jayesh Ramesh Bellare, and Shantaram Govind Kane from Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, published their research paper – Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nano particle perspective which stated that the original source molecules are retained by the homeopathic medicines as nano-particle4. Which states that homeopathy is a nano-medicine. Which entrusts the status claimed by Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan in his article – Homeopathy – Science of the Eras to come, as till recent times we have not heard or consumed any medicine labeled as nano medicine?

However, after the IIT Bombay research paper4 was published revealing that the homoeopathic medicines contain nano particles of the source material, homeopathy became the first nano-medicine globally. It is very surprising to note that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was the first allopathic physician to have been developed nano medicines though ignorant of the fact or the label “nano”. What lacked was the scientific linkage between the mechanism of action of homoeopathic medicines and homoeopathic cure. To endorse with the views expressed in the article published by Chikramane P. S.  many new studies were conducted to prove time and again that homoeopathic medicines include nano-particles of the source medicines, endorsing homeopathy’s nano-medicine status.

We homoeopathic physicians ask the patient to keep the medicated homoeopathic globules (nano-particles 4- 5) in the mouth or below the tongue (sub-lingual) as it acts best. The nano-particles have capability to cross the blood brain barrier. The medicines are absorbed from the mouth as well cross the neuronal barrier to enter into the peripheral nervous system of the patient. Once the nano particle / nano medicine enters the peripheral nervous system of the patient through neuropeptides and immunopeptides / neuroimmunopeptides it reaches the central nervous system primarily amygdala, hippocampus, and limbic cortex to relieve the peculiar imbalance on the emotional / mental state that has given rise to the disease the patient is suffering from. The central nervous system (CNS) centers in communication with the cells of the body through neuropeptides / neuroimmunopeptides / electromagnetic resonance sends stimulus to restore the sick to the healthy state of being. Such a communication along with healthy state of being creates an electromagnetic resonance around the individual as well as the cells. The CNS communication along with the electromagnetic resonance in homeopathy collectively is labeled as the vital force. Since the process of entry into the organism through nano-particles which are non-pharmacologic in nature the patient does not experience a sense of being sick and the first thing what is experienced by the patient is the sense of well being followed by complete cure of chief complaints pertaining to the local cells / organs / parts of the body.

Unfortunately, conventional physicians and scientists have continually provided misinformation about the status of scientific evidence about homeopathic medicine. They have frequently and incorrectly asserted that there is no research to prove that homeopathic medicines work, and they further have asserted that there is no way that the extremely small doses can have any effect whatsoever.


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