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 Homeopathic Treatment for Tuberculosis TB

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Tuberculosis online homeopathic treatment package includes consultation by experienced homeopaths with medicines delivered at your home. Choose homeopathic treatment to treat Tuberculosis disease effectively.

Tuberculosis or TB, is still one of the major causes of preventable death in the world. TB is an infectious disease caused by TB bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and most often affects the lungs. TB infection can cause serious damage to the lungs and other organs. The immune system plays an important role in the mechanism of development of Tuberculosis. A person with weak immunity or susceptible to bacteria are liable to get tubercular infection.
Tuberculosis has become now a greater challenge in the recent time due to very difficult and resistant strains of the tuberculosis organisms, now called as Multidrug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR) and Totally Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TDR).

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Contributing Factors of TB:

Malnutrition, inadequate medical care, poverty, crowding, and chronic debilitating conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism and immuno compromised states like AIDS.

Tuberculosis online homeopathic treatment Package offers:

Tuberculosis treatment package is designed to treat Tuberculosis diseases effectively. Homeopathic medicines when given in minute doses stimulates body’s immune system, helps the body to generate the defensive cells against the disease, thus raising the immunity to combat the disease. Homeopathy treats a person holistically including mind, body and emotions together. Homeopathy works towards not only curing the disease but to cure the person who is sick and restore the health. For this remedy is selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which include the medical history of patient, physical and mental constitution and other symptoms. The duration of package may vary from patient to patient.


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This package includes:

  • Customized treatment plan after diagnosis of patient’s symptoms
  • Expert consultation through chat, email, voice call and video call
  • Homeopathic Medicines delivered at your door step
  • Holistic treatment without any side effects
  • Evaluations and follow-ups

Minimum Duration 6 months based on individuals.

Price : 7500/= Rs. 5625/-

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Benefits of choosing tuberculosis homeopathy treatment package:

Homeopathic medicines have the potential for immune-modulation and hence to influence endogenous factors in disease. Homeopathic  medicine not only clear up the infection but also alleviate inflammation in the air passages, relieve discomfort, pain and pressure caused by coughing by opening the airways in the lungs and aid in loosening the bronchial secretions making elimination of mucus easier helping the person to breathe better and naturally.

Medicine also helps to reduce the severity, frequency and duration of the disease. It also helps in preventing further complications and improves the general health of the person. The constitutional approach furthermore boosts up the immune system of the patient hence preventing recurring infections. More over the medicine combats with post effects of disease such as weakness, loss of appetite, loss of interest in work etc.